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Training Courses Available 

SPOTlight Trust SA aims to provide regular introductory and parent courses around South Africa and in neighboring countries, where possible. Watch this page for our next round of workshops or special events

  • Intro to the Developmental Levels of DIR

    Starts Aug 28

    2,000 South African rand
  • Intro to the Developmental Levels of DIR

    Starts Nov 6

    2,000 South African rand
About DIR Floortime

Frequently children with special needs are challenged by neurobiological factors, which make it difficult to participate and enjoy early emotional interactions with their parents. These shared interactions between parent and child that are meaningful, positive and pleasurable create the foundation necessary for all development. The DIRFloortime® model supports parents in their natural and pivotal partnership with their child – promoting their development across a wide range, including regulation, joint attention, communication and language, motor skills, cognition, ideation and execution, and social problem-solving. Floortime essentially means joining the child where they are, revisiting previously missed growth opportunities and moving forward.

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Our Workshop

This introductory course will give parents, teachers and therapists, working with children who have relating and communication challenges (including those on the autistic spectrum) a greater understanding of their social emotional state and how this impacts upon their ability to function across different environments. This practical workshop will also provide insight as to how to interact therapeutically and give you DIR strategies to enable you to apply the DIR principles in your home and school environment


Early Bird Rate (Close a month prior to course date)

R1800 -   Health Care professionals

R1500 - Parents, Teachers, Paraprofessionals

Normal Rate

R2000 – Health Care professionals

R1800 – Parents, Teachers, Paraprofessionals

Group Rate

R1500 for groups of 5 or more

Online Rates

R200 per video (3 modules of 3 lectures each)

R50 for CPD points per module (if required)

R20 for notes per module (if required)


12 CPD points are applied for for each in person course 

3 CPD points per online module