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The heart of SPOTlight Trust SA is community involvement

The driving force behind all the training, information and resources, is the prospect of taking therapy to the communities that would otherwise not have access. All proceeds from memberships or support plans go towards building opportunities to take DIR into our communities.

Get in touch today to discuss community training in your area


The heart of SPOTlight Trust SA is community involvement. The driving force behind the training, information and resources, is -

  • To share the understanding and awareness of the DIR Floortime model of intervention to professionals, families and schools within and around South Africa.

  • To Introduce this developmental, relationship-based model as an option for working with children with relating and communication challenges as well as those on the Autism Spectrum.




In order to support those in under resourced areas who do not have the financial means to attend paid workshops, our goal is to use profits and raise funds to create sponsorship on a variety of levels of training.


  • Level 1: The Introductory 14 hour workshop currently offers sponsored training for practitioners, parents, teachers or facilitators who work with families and children with special needs. Our intention is for sponsored attendees to share this knowledge and pay it forward within their communities. To date we have had 4 sponsored attendees over the past 2 years.


  • Level 2: Supplement the cost of a half-day or a one-day school/parent workshop.

  • Level 3: Sponsorship (full or partial) of a professional or teacher to enroll in Profectum Academy’s Professionals Certificate or Administrator’s Certificate.


How to apply for sponsorship

Send an us an email ( and tell us

1. Who you are / or who you would like to nominate for sponsorship.

2. Why you / or your nominee would like to do the training.

3. How you / or your nominee plan to pay it forward and share the training within your community.

4. A supporting letter from a colleague or professional as a reference.

We need your Support

Your support helps us to reach our goals as well as to further expand our outreach into the smaller communities around the country. Ways you can support us are to become a SPOTLight member or enroll in one of our parent or therapist support programmes. Details of each of these are below.


Alternatively you can support use through

1. Sponsoring venues for training

2. Sponsoring accommodation for lecturers in out of town locations 

3. Sponsoring catering for course delegates

4. Providing monetary donations by direct deposit. Click here for bank details

  • Spotlight Membership

    Valid for one year
    • Discounts to Profectum Training
    • Access to CPD Points for Profectum Training
    • DIR Directory
    • Help bring DIR training and support to the community
  • Introduction to DIR:Floortime Online

    Our complete introductory DIR:Floortime training all online for those who can not attend in person
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 months access to all 9 lectures of the training course
    • Full notes pack available to download
    • 9 CPD points - available through
  • Parent/Facilitator

    Every month
    Remote Coaching and Support
    Valid for 6 months
    • Once off teletherapy assessment (1 hour)
    • Monthly online support and coaching (45 mins)
    • Spotlight Newsletter
    • DIR therapist directory
  • Therapist Support

    Every month
    Supervision and coaching
    • Monthly supervision meeting online (1 hour)
    • Spotlight Newsletter
    • DIR directory
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