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Unlocking Potential through DIR Floortime Training and Support

"Frequently children with special needs are challenged by neurobiological factors, which make it difficult to participate and enjoy early emotional interactions with their parents. These shared interactions between parent and child that are meaningful, positive and pleasurable create the foundation necessary for all development. The DIRFloortime® model supports parents in their natural and pivotal partnership with their child – promoting their development across a wide range, including regulation, joint attention, communication and language, motor skills, cognition, ideation and execution, and social problem-solving. Floortime essentially means joining the child where they are, revisiting previously missed growth opportunities and moving forward"

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Hi, my name is Kerry Wallace, I am an Occupational Therapist and the founder of SPOTlight Trust SA. I’ve had a wonderful fulfilling career, and thanks to my wonderful family have been many given opportunities to extend myself and I’d always wanted to give back in some way...




The heart of SPOTlight Trust SA is community involvement. The driving force behind all the training, information and resources, is the prospect of taking therapy to the communities that would otherwise not have access. This is currently done through sponsoring of training for practitioners or facilities in underprivileged areas and we need your support 


SPOTlight Trust SA aims to provide regular introductory workshops; geared at therapists, teachers and parents; around the country and in neighboring countries, where possible. Watch this page for our next round of workshops or special events


Three Tier Approach

Nationwide parent and professional workshops

The phrase “DIR®/Floortime™” is used widely by therapists and teachers, but what is it really all about? Attending one of our nationwide introductory Floortime™ workshops, will enable you to share an understanding of this concept with your colleagues or therapist.

Online DIR training through

SPOTlight Trust SA is the official South African Affiliate to Profectum Foundation. Profectum Foundation is a US based non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the development of all children, adolescents and adults with special needs. Profectum  provides world-class online training programmes for professionals, parents and caregivers. Members of Spotlight Trust have access to significant discounts and CPD points for Profectum professional training

Community Projects

Our community projects focus on taking DIR ® : Floortime™ to the parents, caregivers and teachers supporting children with developmental challenges. Through spending time with these adults, coaching them on specific handling strategies and providing hands-on training and intervention, we aim to deepen their understanding of a child’s functional challenges.

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Alicia M.

“Easy understandable topics explained thoroughly... I feel like I can treat more efficiently.”

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Jeanne S.

Thanks for the wonderful course. It was very insightful and reinforced that its not just teaching our special needs kids, but letting them teach us.

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Shanna L.

Thank you to the wonderful Spotlight SA team for organising the introduction DIR floortime course👏! It was such an incredible experience. I cannot wait to continue my DIR journey😁.



Those who have been to our courses