New Training

October 28, 2014

All parents need guidance Why not register for online training through Profectum today? Profectum’s founders and faculty members collectively have

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Online Training

August 4, 2014

SPOTlight Trust SA is the proud South African affiliate to The Profectum Foundation. Profectum Foundation is leading the way in

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Hello world!

July 24, 2014

Kerry Wallace is the first South African on Profectum’s first Fellows Course who completed certification at an Advanced Level in DIR®/Floortime™. Kerry, Debbie Wallace and Natalie Sceales are on their way to New York to attend Profectum’s fourth annual conference: Awakening Thinking in the Body & Mind: A DIR-Neuroscience Dialogue. They will also visit “Celebrate the Children”, a school based on DIR principles in New Jersey.

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